Monthly Archives: May 2016

Posting a Story so as to get Snap Chat Views

Snap chat is an app that allows you to post stories allowing your friends to view it for 24 hours before it is automatically deleted from your timeline. I personally like it because you do not have to worry about someone digging up a stupid video you posted 6 months ago when you were drunk.

In order to get Snap chat views you need to add a story. This is a relatively simple process. Once you open snap chat, create a snap as you would do normally. You then set the timer. It has a default setting which is 3 seconds but you can make it longer or shorter. You then get an option to add filters, drawings or captions.

When you have sufficiently modified your snap, tap the ‘add to story’ icon to create a story. It looks like a box at the bottom of the screen with a + on it. The process takes a few seconds to upload the story. You can view your story on the stories screen. You’ll find this by tapping the ☰ icon. On this page you also see snap chat stories created by your friends. You can view the stories by tapping on them to increase your friend’s snap chat views.