Consider Automatic like

News 10:11 November 2023:

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Sometimes people ask themselves this question, is it really important to like or get liked? Well, it depends but generally there are several benefits or advantages of liking.  First and foremost when liking someone is almost the same as promoting a particular individual or the message they have posted on twitter. Likewise when someone likes your tweet it implies that your message is relevant and they probably want to share it with other followers on twitter. However, at this point you should be aware of both automatic likes and manual likes where someone following you has to physically like your post.

The greatest advantage of liking whether its automatic or manual is that you get be noticed by as many people as possible. Let’s say for example you approximately have 200 followers on twitter and at least 40% of those like your post, how many people do you think will get to see your message? Without a doubt several hundreds if not thousands considering that all your “followers” followers will also see the same message. This can be a good platform of advertising assuming you are a business selling some products or services since you will be able to reach very many people.