Monthly Archives: March 2016

Utilizing Free Followers to Build Actions

Free followers are not free. That is to say that you cannot simply throw content onto your page and expect people to respond. Instead, you need to guide individuals to what you want them to do. Whether it is offering their free likes on a post or sharing content with friends, giving your followers a goal and a direction is very important to building a page that is active and that is engaging. This will require you to put in effort in developing what it is that you want to direct people to do and the options are endless. But, you should really think about the different ways that you want them to respond and drive them accordingly.

There are several different calls to action that you can put on a post or in your content. Among the most important are liking and sharing. For businesses, another call to action could involve asking individuals to join a mailing list or to purchase a service or product. Regardless of what it is that you decide, you need to really think about it.

Instagram Video Views: Do They Matter?

Instagram has many different ways that they allow individuals to connect with one another. One of the ways that individuals can do this on this particular site is through commenting on a post. Commenting on a post that is shared lets the poster know that they are getting a response and striking a chord—good or bad—with their followers. It also helps to create a dialogue which fans of a page love to see. This is important as it can get people talking and sharing and builds a bond of interest between the page holder and the follower.

Another way that individuals can see a response from their followers is through views. Instagram views are glimpses on a picture or post. By looking at a post or shared image, an individual follower is showing that they are taking the time to see what is going on and to take a moment to pause and reflect. Therefore, those with pages should strive to achieve these views or Instagram video views on moving images that are posted on the site. Both show that their posts are getting a reaction and people are caring about what is on their page.