Finding and Adding Nearby Friends on Snapchat

News 05:02 February 2024:

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Recently, Snapchat unveiled a feature that allows its users to search for and add nearby friends. The main function of social media platforms is allowing users to connect with their friends. As such, this new Snapchat feature has made the platform even better. Additionally, the ability to search for and add new friends on your Snapchat account is important, with regards to maintaining the robustness and growing your social network. This, in turn enhances the success of your marketing campaigns on this social media platform. Being a new feature on Snapchat, many users are wondering how it works.

Although this feature is aimed at helping users find and add new friends, there is a limitation; you can only find and add your local friends that are similarly searching for you via the Snapchat search and add friends feature. To use the feature, you should tap on the ghost image at the top of your screen, on the Snapchat app. This will display a drop-down menu that has the Snap code and the ‘Add Friends’ options.

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